It’s the first time I see the new Hermes Etribelt shoulder bag (in Geranium) up close.

It is a rather unusual bag that has incorporated bits and pieces of the label’s bag iconic styles. While I do like the way the bag looks, I do wonder about its functionality. It seems like I will need to keep unbuckling the belt to open the bag. For design purposes though, the buckle looks great.  I’m sure the bag can work rather well without its flap being buckled in– either you can tuck the flap into the bag (like a birkin) or leave the flap over the buckle. 
I have yet to test drive this bag and I can’t wait to do it soon. But this bag is something new at Hermes. I quite like the way it looks. In Singapore, the bag is priced at SG$ 11,100 (or about US$ 8,900). 
If I were to choose between the Etribelt and the Kelly though, I would still go for the Kelly. How about you? 
Happy Sunday, everyone 🙂 

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