Have the Wrong No this Eid-ul-Fitar!

The ARY Films and YNH Films bannered comic-romance film Wrong No was privately premiered for media and celebrities on 13th July in Lahore and 15th July in Karachi. The film was hyped over electronic and social media for past several weeks. The premiers were star struck as celebrities sparkled on the red carpet of Wrong No in both cities. The movie will be screened to the public this Eid along with other Pakistani and Bollywood movies.
The 5 reasons why one should go watch Wrong No this Eid are:
The star cast Danish Taimoor, Sohai Ali Abro, Javed Shiekh, Janita Asma, Shafqat Cheema, Danish Nawaz and Nadeem Jafferi were brilliantly complimented by the supporting cast. The dialogues and punch lines were creative and intensely executed by all actors/actresses. Even the small kid, you have to watch the movie for that, it was hilarious and yes that kid has talent!
Yasir Nawaz brought amazing comedy to the silver screen, yet not making anything look raunchy or bold (unlike films from across the border). The film kept audience Laughing Out Loud till the end. Danish Nawaz and Nadeem Jafferi proved why they are amazing comedians while Danish Taimoor stole hearts.
Wrong No had elements of good clean romance between the heart throb Danish Taimoor and well Sohai Abro & Janita Asma (Spoiler: A bit with Tooba Siddiqui too!). As the story proceeded the story had its own twists of faith. The storyline had moral values attached to it such as family bonding and the kick of karma, Yasir Nawaz definitely sugar coated comedy and loveable romance over some real important issues in our country, Kudos. The music was fairly good yet catchy (specially the item song Selfiyan Re Selfiyan).
Wrong No is vibrantly colorful and the view watching of Lahore’s famous sites are good. The dressing and action keeps the audience captivate in the film throughout. The film has some nice usage of areas such as Saddar Empress Market, Lahore food street, Metro and Port Grand. The songs are nicely choreographed, and sung to good tones (Number of songs is a bit more but TOLERATE). The dialogues are hilarious and full of humor to hear, can easily be watched with friends, family, aunties (the good kind) and colleagues. Danish Taimoor and Javed Sheikh are brilliant heroic figures while Shafqat Cheema makes the character of SHERA amazing (you should see the OH MY GOD moment in the end).
Need I say more to this, we spending millions supporting other countries cinema, come on people support your own cinema especially when films this good are produced.
Music and choreography= 6/10
Storyline and Acting Talent=8/10
Direction and Editing=7/10

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