Har Cheez Turkish Main Achi Lagti Hay!

Turkish Ersa Bilgic In Mezan oil

Pakistan and Turkey are best friends, from the mid-2010 came the fever which has not left us. The drama and entertainment industry were awestruck when Turkish dramas dubbed in Urdu began to air.

When Ishq-e-Mamnoon made headlines, the entertainment industry and the audience were all drooling over it. But soon it began to damage our boring saas bahu dramas so lots of uproars were seen. Though the foreign content helped us bring the A-game, it did cause damage.

Then, one day, the Prime Minister of Pakistan, wanted the nation to watch Ertugul Ghazi and a craze began. The drama is dubbed for all 5 seasons and its sequel Kulis Osman even and runs on PTV. The masses love it. AND the star cast has become superstars of our industry.

We don’t see the main man, Ertugul doing much but the leading lady, Halima Sultan aka Ersa Bilgic is all over the place. From lawn shoots to telecoms, to restaurants and now cooking oil!!

In a recent poorly crafted TVC we see Ersa Bilgic representing “Pakistani khaanon ka Zaiqa” by eating and dancing in a horrendous outfit. The storyline tries to bring the flavor of why Pakistani foods are best cooked in the particular cooking but believe us when we say har cheez mai Turkish achi nahi lagti.

The storyline is uncompetitive, remember THE CHINESE LADY COOKING BIRYANI AD, which showed off culture but had a foreign star come out in bad clothes, eating various dishes which are not culturally sorted, and dance around to prove har cheez is fine and dandy is a big NO!

We need to learn from across the border how to craft TVCs. Getting a woman to dance and sell a product needs to stop, when Gala biscuit makes Mehwish Hayat dance around and the censor board bans it why let Turkish stars be used like this?

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