Hamza Ali Abbasi Bids Farewell To Showbiz To follow Teachings Of Islam

Hamza Ali Abbasi Bids Farewell To Showbiz To follow Teachings Of Islam

In October, Hamza Ali Abbasi had tweeted that he had a special announcement to make at the end of the month. The cryptic tweet had all his fans guessing about what Hamza was up to, many thinking the actor would bid goodbye to showbiz for something else.

Recently, albeit a bit late, Hamza Ali Abbasi came forward with his special announcement. The actor cum host has announced that he intends to quit showbiz to follow and preach Islam as much as he can.

In a video shared on YouTube, Hamza Ali Abbasi made this announcement, shocking thousands of his fans and fellows from the industry.

Talking about how he had questioned the existence of Allah and everything else during his teen years, Hamza confessed to having to be an atheist. The actor then stated it was science that brought him near to Allah and how he got answers to the hundreds of questions that used to bother his mind.

Hamza then went on to state that he would be quitting acting for an indefinite time period but would continue to preach the message of Islam and shared what inspired him on this journey through his videos on YouTube. The former actor also stated that he would work on films and documentaries that further explored the message of Islam.

Hamza Ali Abbasi is one of the most followed personalities of social media and has a huge fan following. The actor’s fans have been in an uproar about him quitting media at the peak of his career while some have been praising his bold decision to attain inner peace.

The Legend of Maula Jatt will be Hamza Ali Abbasi’s last cinematic outing while Alif on Geo Entertainment will be his last drama. Hamza had earlier stated that Alif had been a project close to his heart as we will see his character Qalb e Momin follow a journey from a nonbeliever to one who devotes his life to Allah.

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