FotorCreatedWhat makes Gul Ahmed IDEAS bed sheet better than the rest. The advantage for IDEAS user that you can  get quality products. Why IDEAS Autumn/Winter collection beats the competition every time. The collection tells the story itself.
AQUA CUBE: Modern geometric patterns bold colorful with coordinately geometric pattern. Contrast aqua reverse the duvet cover the top ranked bed sheet. AQUA CUBE SHEETS showed little wear and tear after we ran them through the washing Machine several times.After numerous laundering we were stuck by how well the color stood. Stretched easily over a standard sized mattress with extra fabric left over, it was a  good set for my  money. The collection that fully matches today’s fashionable trends, colors and design. The type of material is significant and the Trade mark IDEASis label mention specific fabric and I assume it is correct.
The fact most impresed me that IDEAS BED SEETS collection do not depend in season you can buy in any season. A compelete bed sheet of single bed with one molding pillow cover Double and King with two pillow covers.
BLOSSOM: It is important to choose great bed sheets that are comfotable and durable. BLOSSOM from IDEAS is an eclectic floral pattern of fuchsia and orange graces. A subtle pattern on the reverse. It has bring warm tone in my bedroom. I have tried BLOSSOM BED SHEET FOR THIS UPDATE on my bed, as well as rubbing and ripping and sample. I found that BLOSSOM sheets are 200 thread count offers te best combination of softness and durability, suerly BLOSSOM sheet wear well and the quality is consistent.
BLOSSOM sheets prevent tossing and turning in the summer heat and wont make hot night even worst, the fabrics of sheets is of natural material which is most breathable and wicle away perspiration. After seeing BLOSSOM sheet I was tempted to end up buying bad quality bed sheets in the past.
The machine washable bed set is wonderful addition to a young one’s bedding ensenble. It has given an new look to my children bedroom with a new Ideas bedding set which features prominent animal. Comedy and favorite character in fun color combination and to change my kids mood I found bed sheets featuring racing cars with an interesting print, the bright colors used in print of the bed sheet are very eye catching and full of whimsy, all over a special gift for my children.
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