Girls Gone Bad – Females That Nail The Negative Role

Female in negative roles

Pakistani Dramas are full of emotions, love, romance, and hate. Like with every story there is a good one and a bad one. Pakistani Drama industry is full of versatile actors and some of our beautiful divas nail the two characters like Queens.

Recently, a lot of divas adopted negative roles to portray great skills of acting and performance. Most of them usually are seen in avatars of good, sweet, and innocent girls but their shift to the dark side is more interesting than the good one.

Here is our round up of good girls gone bad in our Pakistani Drama industry.

1- Minal Khan as Nisha in Jalan

Minal Khan won exceptional hate for her Character as Nisha in the Drama serial Jalan. She marries her brother-in-law, pushes her sister to suicide and whatnot. Minal got the best expressions and dialogue moments in the drama. The slaps she received also added to the performance and popularity.

2- Sarah Khan as Miraal in Sabaat

A psycho, status-conscious, rich brat, Miraal is a total twist of what is truly Sarah Khan. In the drama serial, Sabaat, Sarah Khan plays Miraal, who ruins her brother’s home, is abusive to her bhabi whatnot. Her Character also was popular for her dress scene and style statements.

3- Kinza Hashmi as Maham in Mohlaat

The evil, elder sister Maham, played by the pretty Kinza Hashmi must be her most lovable performance. Kinza’s fearless hate for her sister and greed is easily highlighted from her expressions and dialogue delivery.

4- Ayeza Khan as Geeti in Lapataa

Our favorite GEETI, played by Ayeza Khan is a recent villain in the drama serial Lapaata. Only a few episodes down, she is rocking her negative personality as a bad influencer. she blackmails, she lies and she is all crazy in the middle. Never seen as an antagonist in her career, Ayeza Khan as Geeti is winning hate and hearts.❤️

5- Faiza Hassan As Gohar in Nand

Faiza Hassan from Burnsroad ki Nilofer and baby baji went on to become the evilest Naand of all time. Playing the character of Gohar, she is truly the most hated one from last year. she kills, she lies, she plays mind games, and is a mad woman indeed

6- Ushna Shah as Nigar in Balaa

Ushna Shah has often been seen playing negative roles in short films but her role as Nigar in Balaa will make you sick to your stomach. She has no point where you feel that she didn’t deserve what she got in the end.

7- Kubra Khan as Mashal in Hum Kahan Kay Sachay Thay

Two episodes down and we can see the negativity boil out of Mashal towards Mehreen. Careless, reckless, and arrogant Mashal will ruin something for sure. Kubra Khan has been a delight to see on screen as various positive roles but we can’t wait for Hum Kahan Kay Sachay Thay to unfold.

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