Gillette presents 'Spectre 007'


All over the world, the film did pretty well. It premiered on 26th October 2015. Despite being a bond movie, it did not do as excellent as expected. The Pakistani premier was held on 6th November 2015 in Karachi …various banners and sponsors supported the movie premier. Gillette was a major sponsor for Spectre 007.
The team Gillette held a good bustle for people coming to the premier. The night showed off a lot of glitz and glamour, big names of our Pakistani media came to the events Humayun Saeed, Frieha Altaf, Tapu Javeri, Sunita Marshall, Adnan Malik, Fakhir, Nubain Ali, Deepak Perwani, Sadaf Malaterre, Syeda Sarwat Gilani and a lot more fashion and TV pasture. The luxurious Red Carpet was hosted by Hassan Ahmad who looked extra handsome in his Bond look. All the red carpet guests Dressed to impress which showed off some real bond fever. Everyone had a real fancy BOND MOMENT with the signature props which were displayed on the event..  The movie was an excellent entertainer for the people. The Gillette event was held at Cinepax Cinema.
The event was full of stars and media personalities. The host Hasan Ahmad and selected bloggers got shaved & styled by N Gents professionals specially to bring out their best Bond looks. The sleek modish men & fashionable women in their Bond looks had the eyes popping around the town. In the Gillette glamour men took the credits as promised by Gillette, the shaved & uniquely hair-styled bloggers & host brought the 007 classy, lustrous and heart throbbing illustrations to the Red Carpet of Spectre007. Everyone experienced superior Bond Moments with their friends and celebrities. The men indeed looked their BEST in the premier, delivered by Gillette and N-Gents, giving the night a lot of eye candies to salivate over. We bet Mr. Bond must have been envious when the smooth looks of the me revealed in Cinepax Cinema Karachi.
Mr. Bond needs no intro; the man is famous over the world for his action and adventure. The 24th bond movie was released under the banner of Sony Picture, directed by Sam Mendes. Written by Ian Fleming, John Logan, Neal Purvis, and Robert Wade. The cast included the talent
Daniel Craig—————– James Bond
Christoph Waltz ————- Oberhauser
Monica Bellucci—————- Lucia Sciarra
Léa Seydoux—————— Madeleine Swann
Naomie Harris—————– Eve Money penny
The story portrays James Bond’s first encounter with the universal criminal organization Spectre,. A number of habitual James Bond characters, counting M, Q and Eve Money penny revisit, Dave Bautista famous WWE superstar as Mr. Hinx and Andrew Scott as Max Denbigh also show-off some talent..
The movie although was entertaining but lacked the charisma of being a bond hit. It’s a PG-13 movie, with few language and sensual scenes.  The storyline was well maintained, the element of grace was utilized brilliantly. An overall good movie yet again……

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