Launch of Fusion Lounge in style at the official launch party on 10th of January 2013, bringing to gather a selection of the BIG city’s most acclaimed chefs to create a “Walking Degustation” complemented by fine company, music, D Js and entertainment. The opening ceremony essentially devotes commits a person, to a place, thing or idea.

On the launching ceremony of Fusion Lounges large paper hot-air balloons were released, it was first time in Pakistanlarge paper hot-air balloons were used on occasion, it fills the sky with color, It was used as a powerful symbol of the importance and success of the day.
On the launching day many honorable guest visited the Lounge it also includes Farah Khan, Zurain and most popular models Abeer participant of the (VEET SUPER MODEL CONTEST), Sidra Sajid and Umer Abdullah. The party carries on till late with live music and D Js Minal.
For families and youngsters of the Mega city Karachi, you can enjoy this sumptuous party in Fusion Lounge where no apple is forbidden and expect the unexpected.
Opening day is a big day for a Lounge. A Grand opening signals the end of preparation and the beginning of operation. As such, the opening day can be seen as a sort of gateway from planning to execution. The menu features delectable dishes including Arabian, Italian and Mexican foods.

Aakash Jeswani 

Aakash Jeswani The owner of Fusion Lounge was chatting after the success of the launching ceremony, that every individual of our lounge has meticulously planned along with highly professionals, from the menu to the decoration also made sure the luxury and comfortable environment for the visitors.

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