Frieha Altaf

It is necessary to highlight that the VEET SUPER MODEL CONTEST started off small three years ago but to the surprise Frieha Altafchoreographer and entrepreneur took a challenging task and with her own style planed for a model contest where girls were groomed.

Frieha Altaf the icon of Pakistani Fashion Industry, advised and judged the Veet Miss Super Model Contest. With the tricky tricks of the trade and her ability Frieha grow the contest into a full reality show. This year she selected ten candidates and put together into a lavish VEET VILLA with all challenges.
Following are the 10 contestent of VEET.

1.   Abeer
2.   Sehrish
3.   Anum
4.   Mubashira
5.   Mahi
6.   Noor-Ul-Ain
7.   Nida
8.   Iqra
9.   Sana
10. Dania
Frieha a legend the C.E.O.of Catwalk productions a renown name in Fashion Industry says “I wanted to do show like this12 years ago” “For a long time, I presented the idea to a number of potential sponsors only to have taken up by Veet now. More than anything else, I wanted to eliminate the concept that just anybody could become a model. I wanted to stress that modeling, like any other profession, requires hard work, consistency and overcoming challenges.”
To prove her thoughts Frieha faced the criticism boldly, the main question was asked why Frieha and entourage select the contestants who have already been modeling when they are supposed to be training girls who are novices. The answer was that a particular model have been part of a small show or been in front of the camera but it dosen’t mean that she knows the ropes properly. That’s where the grooming in the contest comes in.
The inicetive of Frieha is delivering new faces and talent to fashion scene of Pakistanand putting a fresh new spin on the modeling business.
It is aright place to mention that Freiha has managed many high profile events in Pakistanand abroad. The latest LUX STYLE AWARDS is one of the best ceremonies of Pakistanthis was the result of her optimistic approach.

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