Fifty Years of the Bond-Gillette Partnership- Spectre 007

fb-share-imageIt’s doubtable that if James Bond didn’t look as good as he does for the last fifty years, he would have been forgotten. Known for his charisma and great classy macho look, Mr. Bond has captured hearts for over five decades. The secret to his smooth, lustrous look which makes a lot of audience scrum is the hand of Gillette shaving and styling innovations, which have always over the globe created an experience of sheer pleasure and comfort through its unique yet durable products. For the first time in Pakistan, it was a grand event held by the Gillette, at the nationwide premier of Spectre 007 on 6th November 2015.
The 24th Bond movie was premiered in a luxurious manner by Gillette which without a shadow of a doubt proved that Bond Look is not a coincidence, it’s the best look a man can get and all one needs is trust and the Gillette pixie dust, the superior quality shaving equipment & products that would give you The Bond Look every time with ease. In the campaign for the premier, the Gillette team showed a practical example of how Mr. 007 has been dominating hearts with the sophisticated manly look for over fifty years. The host of the event Hassan Ahmad and the male bloggers were given the chance to experience Gillette products with the skilled professionals of N-Gents. The precise preparation and proper usage resulted in some good looking heart throbs on the red carpet which caused captivity and groomed the host and the bloggers into Stylish, smooth gentlemen that posed off the Bond look for the premier of Spectre 007, a bond look that got a few hearts pacing faster than expected.
Gillette- The Best The Man Can Get….
Gillette has been providing the luxury of style, comfort, durability and prefect shaving experience since over ten decades. Used by more than 700 million men around the world. The collaboration between the Bond series and Gillette dates back to GoldFinger. The partnership has created history, classical movies that will always be remembered. The shave club has given various Bond Moments that have been loved by audiences over the world. The character of any hero or sophisticated man is incomplete without the concept of him being sleek & mellifluous, which only is possible with the norm of shaving and styling with Gillette products.
Many famous personalities of Pakistani fashion and media industry came to see Spectre 007 and reviewed on the movie as being another Bond hit. Sony Pictures and Eon Productions did a fantastic job. The plot of the movie along with screenplay showed new characters as well as old ones returned seeking some revenge. The discovery by Bond about the sinister organization SPECTRE does cause the audiences to remain captive in the film from start to finish. The release over the world was also held under the prestigious banner of Gillette. The experiences and reviews of around the globe were tremendously amazing. In our point of view, Gillette in indeed the Best A Man Can Get. The design, the technic and the upgrades of its razors, the content and aroma of its gels and creams, deodorants and sweat controlling with skin care and protection products also available are the perfect preparation for any man who wishes to astound masses with his presence like James Bond 007. The Bond Moments and the Bond looks aren’t something you can copy it’s something you have to create with skill and precise tools of perfect.
Our Experience With Gillette:
In our humble experience with Gillette products and the supporting skills of the N-Gents professionals led us to state that Gillette delivers the best products in male care. The transformed state given to us by Gillette were commendable, the most impressive Bond Moment was when we walked in and felt all eyes on us. The smooth, effortless shave gave the confidence of a superhero, no cuts, no irritation as easy as being handled by shaving professionals every day. We have definitely not veteran the art of shaving until we have used the technics of Gillette. Living up to its motto The Best a Man can Get, is 100% facts. Our look went from villain to Bond in seconds with luxury and ease, giving us the bragging rights to a seamless Bond Moment every time anywhere..

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