FIFTH AVENUEis relatively new phenomena it has a strong hold in Pakistanhaving 19 outlets in all major cities of Pakistanthe 20th store has been launched at Ocean Mall Karachi to serve its loyal customers and the facts remains that the FIFTH AVENUE has become a force to be reckoned with.
It is worth mentioning here that having outlets in all the elite malls of Karachi. FIFTH AVENUE has become a well-known entity that has been strongly influencing fashion and trends in the city as well as in Pakistan. Serving the people since 2005, and finally it has transformed into an icon in the apparel industry, offering a variety of choices when it comes to casual clothes that are wearable and stylish at the same time.
For men clothing’s selection features:- CASUAL SHIRTS, POLO SHIRTS, JACKETS, VESTS, BELTS, BAGS and WALLETS.
For women clothing’s offering classic and chic style perfect for the metropolitan female the selection features:- BLOUSES, POLO SHIRTS, DRESSES, SLACKS, SKIRTS, SUITS, JACKETS and HANDBAGS.  
The event was organized by PRODUCTION 021 and PR & MARKETING handled by TAKE II. The Glamorous evening as EID just ahead which spells “shopping season” in Pakistanhas made the launching fun for the guests, the talented singers and musicians provided exclusive entertainment. Above all the show was started by introducing the young and talented duo KOMAIL ANAM and AMMAR ANAM who do not need any introduction they are son of veteran performer KHALID ANUM, another band, Nuts and Bolts, followed next who entertained till the late night. The show was attended by top designers, celebrities, media & socialites.


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