On 3rd May 2013 a glamorous event was held at HUB FACTOR ZAM ZAMA DEFENCE KARACHI.  MS FAHMINA CHAUDHRY, (MODEL, BEAUTY QUEEN, ACTRESS and a SOCIAL LIFE) was presented to meet the media and press, and to share her experiences after winning 1st International beauty pageant as a Pakistani. The evening was organized by the FACTOR HUB and PR was handled by HASH PR (PR unit of HUB FACTOR.)

FAHMINA CHAUDHRY is rated by Fashion critics as one of the celebrity model of Pakistan. She has been described as bold and beautiful amongst the fashion circles. FAHMINA CHAUDHRY has a strong following among her fans especially among the youth of the fashion world locally and internationally.

MS FEMINA CHAUDHRY started her carrier with a fashion boutique “SHARONS COUTURE’ based in Birmingham.  SHARON’S is an established network of Make up artists, photographers and fashion houses, therefore providing to be a fantastic platform to launch her modeling career. She has been always cherish the moments and find it spectacular experience going from living and doing every day mundane tasks to featuring of billboards, magazine, cover shots, commercials and representing major fashion houses.”

Further, FAHIMNA says “Taking into consideration the industry I work in, image is every thing. I don’t have an ideal dream job, each assignment is a blessing. It’s an overwhelming feeling when a client chooses my self to represent their product/service. Though Models and fashion industry are often portrayed as being a nasty, jealous, high maintenance, demanding and highly sprung environments and therefore I’m often asked how I cope within an industry which has this image of my self and my colleagues. The truth is, my modeling career is actually a break from these types of negative attitudes that I experience in my every day life surrounded by jealousy and insecurity. I’m highly self-motivated, determined and modeling has built my confidence. When people don’t feel good about themselves they view other people’s success as a poor reflection upon themselves. This often leads to resentment and instead of working harder to achieve their own goals they slow themselves down by being envious.”
                          FAHMINA CHAUDHRY ACHIEVEMENTS:-
                    FAHMINA CHAUDHRY won the 1st MS. Asia International Title in 2012.
FAHMINA CHAUDHRY crowned Miss. Transparency International 2012
FAHMINA CHAUDHRY was Miss South East Asia 2012
FAHMINA CHAUDHRY was Miss Personality 2012
FAHMINA CHAUDHRY was Miss Charity 2012
FAHMINA CHAUDHRY was Miss Asian Queen 2013
FAHMINA CHAUDHRY got Best Actress honorable achievement award 2013.
FAHMINA CHAUDHRY is the celebrity judge for Indian Princess Singapore 2013.
The various additional activities of FAHMINA CHAUDHRY are that she has also worked in India as well, ECTV, in988, INDAISE, PARENTS WORLD, TKS & SONS women owns. She did over 30 fashion runways and being brand ambassador for JINDERS, LUMIERE Slimming. Apart from officiating as judge for various pageants in Singapore and overseas, she has done many editorials, anchoring and videos. FAHMINA also does lots of philanthropic work concerning children and have special concern for elderly people.
Finally, the evening was attended by well known models their presence bought the glamour to the event, also present were designers, celebrities, fashion critics media & socialites. FAHMINA CHAUDHRY expressed her gratitude to media and people to amount of love and respect given to her after her come back to Pakistan.

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