The two films that recently hit the headlines even before clashing at the box-office were YRF production’s “Jab Tak Hai Jaan” and Ajay Devgn produced “Son of Sardar”. The next clash of stars or films at the box-office will be on the 30th of November.

The two films that will be releasing on that date is Aamir Khan “Talaash” and Akshay Kumarstarrer “Khiladi 786”. As the war between the two gets heated up this is what an eminent exhibitor D Y Patni belonging to the Gujarat –Saurashtra circuit had to say- “I think we all are waiting to get out of this one situation and then even think about the other one. I guess all the exhibitors have realized one thing that no film or no business is worth all these mess. No one will sign any agreement and that is for sure. It’s a small industry and we are few distributors and exhibitors. I don’t think it is fair to keep one happy and one unhappy. Now decisions will be made keeping the films in mind. I think we will only be fair to every film and will not like to spoil any relations with anyone.”
Another exhibitor, Hemant Shah stated that it is the credibility of the film that will decide their preference for a film and not the name of a star attached to it.
Sunil Bansal, from Rajasthan stated, “I think it is too premature to take any sides. I don’t think anyone will even book right now and everyone wants to wait and see the results of these two films. I think at least in Rajasthan no one is booking any film for two weeks and rest of the country I can’t speak of.”
Another Delhi based distributor stated, “Talaash was to be released in June and they had booked two weeks from that time. So, I think the exhibitors will have to go with that. People have signed so it has to be valid.”
Another prominent exhibitor stated “Our stand is very clear. Either the producer has to stand by his two weeks and give us assurance of the collections or else we will not. While Talaash looks like a class film, Khiladi 786 is a mass entertainer like how Akshay Kumar films are. We do not wish to choose one from the other. We will not book the theatre for two weeks for anyone henceforth.”
Thus it doesn’t seem too easy a choice for the film exhibitors as both the films depends on their niche audience and therefore they are not giving into the two-week contract. 

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