The Annual Trade Show EXPO PAKISTAN 2013 (26-29 September) was a major event that attracted more than one thousand buyers from 70 countries, and also delegations from the countries like JAPAN, MALAYSIA, SOUTH KOREA, BRAZIL, POLAND, HONG KONG, BANGLADESH, LIBYA, CHINA, SOUTH AFRICA, BAHRAIN, AZERBAIJAN, AFGHANISTAN, EGYPT, SAUDIA ARABIA, NETHERLAND, USA, MOROCCA, UAE and other countries who attended the event.

This time around in the annual Expo Fair of the Trade Development Authority (TADP) the associated fashion show managed to raise more buzz then ever before. There was a perfect inauguration and better way to promote Pakistan Fashion Industry to international community.

Expo 2013 begins with a grand fashion event on 26th27th September held at Pearl Continental Hotel Karachi. This magnificent event kept the tradition alive it was extremely entertaining under the leadership of RABIA JAVERI AGHA newly appointed Secretary of TDAP who spearheaded the event for fashion industry. RABIYA said “I have known most of the Karachi based designers my whole life. People like SANA and SAFINAZ, FAIZA SAMEE and RIZWAN BEYG, all of them were so willing to participate. However, we made sure that the fashion show featured new designers as well as the veterans.”
It was a night for sparkling fashion, the extravagant fashion presentation which featured top notch models such as Nadia Hussain , Saima Azhar , Abbas Jaffri , Sana Sarfaraz , Sehrish Buhkari , Sadaf Kanwal and many more. The catwalk stood splendidly brilliant in the middle of flashing red spotlights and long chandeliers. The choreography being handled by the Lahore’s beloved showman HSY bringing on the razzmatazz from backstage obviously. The music was groovy; the models danced, skipped and stalked their way down the catwalk.
The consequent line-up for the two-day long showcase featured some of the country’s best designers and some of Karachi’s high-fliers in total there were 16 designers as follows:
  1. RIZWAN BEYG:-Working with genuine crafts people of SINDH from small towns the truck art of Pakistan has been transferred from vehicles to garments of high fashion. The aim being to use Pakistan’s artistry into a globally acknowledged leit of its indigenous art forms, a philosophy of “rural to the runway.”
  2. FAIZA SAMEE:-Stands for tradition and innovation. Paying tribute to the rich heritage of our collective past and maintaining the highest standards of artisan craftsmanship rooted in the strength of our techniques. In respecting our past we continue to evolve the brand by constantly looking forward so that we maintain a perfect equilibrium between the traditional and the modern. This is luxury prêt in the true sense.
  3. TAPU JAVERI:-My show is divided into 4 separate sections. Each has a different inspiration, as well as a different designer, that has worked with my prints to create garments.
  4. SANIA MASKATIYA:-The SANIA MASKATIYA design house uses only pure fabrics cut and draped in a range of silhouettes creating versatile looks across all their fashion lines. Indeed, the acclaimed house of fashion engages only the finest craftsmen, hailing from generations of artisans.
  5. FARNAZ MUSTAFA:-Latest collection combines the best of both worlds, the concepts aspires to combine the majestic look of the NAWABI era with elements of modernity. Her line includes exquisite SAREES, intricately worked jackets, antique embellishments on net. The silhouettes range from short, mid length to long and sleek to flared, catering a wide scale audience.
  6. PIFD:-Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Design is proud to showcase selected work of 2013 graduating batch at this Expo Pakistan 2013. The collection includes pieces from the department of Fashion Design, jewelry Design &Gemological Sciences and Leather Footwear & Accessories.
  7. ZAHEER ABBAS:-Presented his SS’2013 pret a porter collection titled “LA BASE” which emphasizes on basic silhouettes without using any form of embellishment and print. Based in pure cotton silk, this collection showcases a monochromatic palate, artistically blended with off white.
  8. SANA SAFINAZ:-Dazzled by the most stunning collection of SANA SAFINAZ. This collection exemplifies sheer poise, sophistication of 1940’s with the vitality of a modern day woman. The maturity and elegance seen in the diversification of the collection manifest a refined confidence in an Eclectic aura that has never been seen before. Their vision for this collection gives a whole new sense, heightens new aesthetics in craftsmanship beyond even bridal couture.
  9. MAHEEN KHAN:-GULABO a high street fashion brand, with the red rose as symbol. The GULABO truck art scarves, TOTE BAGS, and fashion lines have long been trendsetters in high street fashion in Pakistan. The collection presented inspired by the trucks and rickshaws that make the perilous journey to mountain terrains, home to the MARKHAR.
  10. DEEPAK PERWANI:-The label is a power house in Pakistani prêt. The DEEPAK PERWANI export collection encompasses freedom for FRIEDA KHALO from KHARADAR to DEFENCE as she travels Karachi soaking in its culture its diversity and its cosmopolitan persona.
  11. HUMA ADNAN (FNKASIA) “Merchants of Spice” The collection HUMA ADNAN pairs solid, vivid tunics with potpourri pants, drawing out prints and colors that appear to be a complicated mesh of vibrancy but emerge as cohesively as one well-blend style.
  12. UMAIMA MUSTAFA:-Her ultra feminine cuts and intricate designs have clarity and are executed beautifully. The collection aims to balance construction and fluidity. Palettes of black, beige, white, and gold have been used to create garments that transcend effortlessly from day to night.
  13. FAHAD HUSSAYN:-Palatial Kitsch Ready to wear Pre-fall 2013 inspired by the fallen decadence of exuberant palaces and glitz and glamour of the cosmopolitan. The collection features a wide range of separates and exclusive editions of FAHAD HUSSAYN PRINT MUSEUM prints in pure silks and chiffons. The color palette varies from hues of nudes mixed and paired with bright prints with a lot of metallic textures and surfaces.
  14. AYESHA IBRAHIM:-The collection is a mixture of puree astern and western appearance and designs which has colorful pants, jackets and long gowns in the color pallet of gray, pink and turquoise green.
  15. AHMED BHAM:-Elite is the perfect word that defines the latest collection as the tapered suits exude on the aura of greatness and success that is unmatched in Pakistan. Combining his signature attention to detail, with precise cuts and relentless pursuit of perfection the latest collection by AHMED BHAM trul
    y defines a successful man.
  16. SHAMAEEL ANSARI:-The hallmark is sophistication with an eye for detail. Each ensemble has cross cultural inspirations-prints, solids and crafts combined to create her latest contemporary luxury prêt collection. Each of the pieces is distinctively a piece of art. SHAMEEL is very bit the story teller, whilst the story changes; the drama remains.
The Expo Pakistan has developed into a reputable international event where Pakistani exhibitors showcase their products to international buyers. The expo fair taking place just a few paces away, the fashion week attracted a great number of foreigners at the fashion event. It is also to be noted that the guest list includes PARRICIA BRAFMAN, the international Director of the French federation of prêt-a-porter, a woman who could assist local designers in attending the fair in Paris
The event was organized HUM TV NETWORK LTD. The media and PR handled by TAKE II Hair, make-up and styling managed by SABS. Back stage managers were PRODUCTION 021.


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