Exclusive Interview With Upcoming Singer Arslan Asif

Q. What opt you to start singing as a career?
A. I’m not good at expressing myself or my feelings. I can’t explain or talk about many situations or things like a normal person so music gives me a way to express myself whatever going on with my life socially & emotionally. According to me thats the reason I choose music as a career to convey my messages to people through music.
Q. Who is your musical inspiration?
A. Asia’s biggest rock band ‘Junoon’ is my all time musical inspiration. Beside I also admire Najam Sheraz, Jawad Ahmad & Karavan to name a few from Pakistan.
Q. What quality or personal trait of yours matter the most in your career?
A. I think its performing live concerts and gigs for my fans. Its the best way for me to interact with the fans by delivering them good live entertainment.
Q. Have you ever performed LIVE?
A. Yes of course, as I mentioned above I love to perform live for my music admirers.
Q. Which colleges/universities have you performed at till now?
A. There are many as I’m performing since 2007 as a solo artist. If I have to name a few there Beaconhouse, Roots, GIKI, Channab College, Islamabad School of Law are in the list.
Q. Do you enjoy writing music and/or writing lyrics?
A. I never write lyrics forcefully like I sit down and plan to write something. I write whenever it comes to my head wether its once a month, twice and month or once in two months, so yeah by this way I enjoy writing.
Q. What is unique and different about your music videos?
A. I always try to make something which could help out music industry to grow more by adding something unique in my videos. For example one of my video ‘Chu Loon Mein Aasman’ was shot by iphone 4 on chroma back in 2012 and had special effects in it. We made a whole artificial city in it, that was a time taking process & this kind of work is not casual in our music videos till date.
Q. How many songs have you recorded till date and which song has given you recognition?
A. Till date I have released 8 audio tracks including 2 covers. ‘Char Din Ki Chandni’ was my 2nd track released in 2009 and its video was made in 2011 later on. That was the track gave my career boost and gave me more concerts & recognition in the industry.
Q. Where do you see yourself in next five year time?
A. That is always a tough question for me to answer as the music scene in our country is not stable I think we are in a growing stage. But yes I will keep on making more songs & videos or may be I’ll be producing more music in coming years as 6 out of 8 tracks of mine was produce by me.
Q. What response have you received from people so far?
A. Response is good so far from people specially when I perform anywhere for them. So I think I need to perform more and more beside making music for them.

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