EMRAAN RAJPUT The winner of BEST COLLECTION AWARD at 5th Fashion Pakistan Week 2013.organized by Fashion Pakistan Council on 9th and 10th April held at Pearl Continental Karachi.

The most dynamic in the ranks of emerging designers from Karachiwith promise of holding immense potential to take the local market by storm is EMRAAN RAJPUT who deals with urban or western wear, and the more traditional wear such as SHALWAR KURTA and SHERWANIS western with a classic cut.


Emraan Rajput

In a short span of three years, EMRAAN has carved an indelible niche for himself in the local market by sshowing his talent in the leading fashion publications of the country, with the leading fashion photographers and models of the fashion industry.
                                                                                                                                               EMRAAN’S forte is cuts, fabric and embellishments, the latter having been fine tuned to give the overall outfits a classic appeal and his mark of individuality.

 It has resulted in him being the most sought after young designer not only in Karachi but now in Lahore and Toronto (Canada) as well.

 There’s no way but up for this talented designer whose motto is hard work combined with endless patience and perseverance.

Fashion is the most ultimate visual spectacle. Fashion design as a discipline is a way of satisfying designer’s yearning to create, to bring energy and excitement to s situation; it heralds a desire to provoke and reflect contemporary society needs.

 In order to achieve these aspirations, design needs to radically revolutionize its methodology that is what we at EMRAAN RAJPUT inspire to do.

I believe that everyone is beautiful in their own special way. God has created everyone with their unique style and attribute and that difference is what makes us beautiful and unique within ourselves. But many are not aware of this and thus they end up not being aware of individuality and highlighting their unique style or attribute.

 A simple man wearing a SHALWAR KAMEEZ can make a unique style statement by just realizing his unique feature and learning to carry a simple SHALWAR KAMEEZ with style. What he needs is grooming/design that can make him standout among the others and this is what we at EMRAAN RAJPUT do.

While designing I focus on a normal person, walking on the street wearing SHALWAR KAMEEZ or a person going for his job or planning his wedding outfit.

 The use of unusual fabrics, texturing and detailing, ‘fusion’ of styles ‘patch-worked’ with gorgeous embellishments in a vibrant electric color palette to make the feeling of individuality grow with your own style statement. I describe my collections as “AN INTERNATIONAL STYLING WITH A TRADITIONAL SOUL.”

The original vision of EMRAAN RAJPUT is to create products that combine great personal style with long lasting utility. Clean, modern shapes, nod to the classics, and an element of surprise are the fundamental principles of EMRAAN RAJPUT’S design philosophy. Chief design considerations remain elegance, simplicity and enduring quality.

 TRENDS FOLLOWED: A Mix of Eastern Style in Raw Western Trends.
 INSPIRATION: Denim has always seen as a western symbol but I have tried to mix eastern cuts and embroidery in paper Denim. It has resulted into a unique collection which will be an innovation in Pakistan’s Fashion Scene.
COLOR THEME: Natural Denim in its original colors which includes its faded and dark shades
SILHOUETTE: Denim Silhouette embroidered for the East.

DENIMOLOGY BY Emraan Rajput 

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