Maimoona H

Maimoona. H is a concept brand, which plays on extremes and opposites. The garments embody contrasts such as masculine & feminine, soft & serve, constructed and deconstructed, created for someone who wants the perfect combination of simple elegance and detailed engineering.

Maimoona goal is to create a clever yet playful product that is beautiful and bold enough to stand-alone. Maimoona has recently graduated from French Fashion University Esmod with a double major in pattern drafting and Fashion design. She was awarded “Fashion Design Award”in her graduating class of 2012. During her time at Esmod she won the Mercedes Benz Middle East Fashion Design Contest and attended Berlin Fashion week. She Participated in Harper’s Bazaar Illustrator of the year contest and her illustration was published in the magazine she has also been selected to show case some of her work in Dubai, Parisand Osaka. Maimoona is currently working to launch her Luxury RTW label in the Middle Eastand Pakistan.

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