On 31st 2013 there was a edition of one more refreshment Avenue to the city of lights Karachi, the launching ceremony of Cloud 9 located in Defence kayaban e shahbaz Karachi was held, the Chief Guest Ms. Zubaida Tariq famous food expert inaugurated Cloud 9. The Guest of honor praised the taste of the drinks served during the event which was a great honor and the claim of CLOUD 9 proves that this is a place where you can enjoy the taste of best strong coffee, Exotic Shakes and fresh juices along with Frozen Assets.

 The feeling of freshness and happiness comes not only by the stuff served the credit also goes to its decoration and interior designing which is like a blue sky rainbow color. Seats colors are displayed with red, white and black. A table in the middle of the seats decorated with red checkers and the lights has beautifully brightened the interior that creates a colorful environment. The best part of the café is that it’s a family place where there is no smoking. Flavored juice glass, are displayed anxiously at the block of the wall. Moreover products that are available in the CLOUD 9 are coffee, frozen ice cream, natural juices, cocktails, shakes, dessert, Russian salad and cold sandwich, it has also introduced revitalizing drinks for all ages which are made with special ingredients to boost health and well being.  These items are prepared keeping in view the hygienic condition and are made properly with the use of gloves.

Adil Jan Balouch

Owner Adil jan balouch says,” In Karachi the working class has a very busy lifestyle where no one has time to pay attention to their health, so we have introduced our revitalizing drinks for different age groups. These drinks are specially made with herbal and fruit nectar which are ment to boost health and well being.” It is first time in Karachi there is a juice outlet named cloud 9 which is purely hygienic. Furthermore he quoted “that our liquid assets such as shakes, juices and ice cream are of good quality and our customers would definitely be satisfied. The main thing that he included in the conversation is that in every juice store sucrose is added in every product, which is totally not beneficial for the diabetic patients. Our juices are not sugar free but neither is mixed with sucrose. Secondly we do not allow the essence of the original juice to disappear by mixing artificial flavor. We make what people desire.”

Price varies with different product. Price level is neither high nor low. Even middle class family could easily afford it. Fruit juices of every season are available. The promise that cloud 9 has committed is that it would never change the quality of its product and always make sure that there customer would all ways be satisfied with the taste.
 To make the event more colorful Faisal Ali Khan did and stunning performance and made it more beautiful. The opening ceremony was attended by a good number of celebrities, 
socialites and dignitaries. The event was managed by 6th Factor EVENT 

MANAGEMENT and PR was handled by ASIF HASHMI of HASH PR.


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