Movie shoovy recently caught up with upcoming Model Abeer who has had quite Fashion shows in this year. Abeer is all set to shine and she is rated among top 3 contestant in the final VEET SUPER MODEL CONTEST. ABEER spoke to Movie shoovy today about her modeling journey, future plans and the much awaited Top Model contest in which she is among 10 selected Models. ABEER also answered some of the question about her, which her fan’s and our readers wanted to know 

MovieShoovy:  How did you get started modeling?

Abeer:  With A reality Show Veet Miss Super Model 2012

MovieShoovy:  Favorite  Designer?

Abeer:  All Good Designer like HSY, Akif Mahmood, Fahad Hussain, Zaheer Abbas, Warda Sleem,Tabasum Mughal, Mahmoona H, Maheen Khan

MovieShoovy:  Favorite  photographer?

Abeer:  Tappu Javeri

MovieShoovy:  Favorite models?

Abeer :  Iraj

MovieShoovy:   Style icon?

Abeer:  Frieha Altaf 

MovieShoovy:  What has been the biggest surprise for you since you started modeling?

Abeer:  Being Selected as Top 10 Veet girl

MovieShoovy:  What was your first big break in the industry?

Abeer:  Fashion Pakistan Week 2012

MovieShoovy:  What’s your favorite thing about modeling?

Abeer:   Ramp Walk, Photo Shoots, infact i enjoy my work allot!

MovieShoovy:  Do you act as well?

Abeer:  Yes i do i have done recently fakirs new music video.

MovieShoovy:   How do you feel on the runway?
Abeer:  Like super model

MovieShoovy:  What’s one of the most interesting shoots that you’ve done?

Abeer:  Makli Shoot and recently i had done a surprizing shoot with Ayaz anees 

MovieShoovy:  If you weren’t modeling now, what do you think you’d be doing?

Abeer:  May be a Successful Business Woman.

MovieShoovy:  How do you describe your style?

Abeer:  Glam, Class and Stunning looks

MovieShoovy:  Do you think that working with all those great designers has influenced you in some ways?

Abeer:  Working with top designers is a tough job but in other sense its a great learning experience although!. 

MovieShoovy:  Best advice you’ve ever received?

Abeer:  Be optimistic

MovieShoovy:  What is your dream modeling job?

Abeer:  To be a brand ambassador of international products such a perfumes, Makeup or it could be a clothing line.

MovieShoovy:  What are your plans for your career as a model in the future?

Abeer:  To Become Top and Successful  Model of Pakistan

MovieShoovy:  How do you stay in shape?

Abeer:  Workout  and eating good food.

MovieShoovy:   Favourite kind of food:

Abeer:  Chinese  food

MovieShoovy:  Why would you think you’re fit for being a model?

Abeer:  Because i am model perfect

MovieShoovy:  What is your all time favorite movie and why?

Abeer:  Twilight breaking down, i like vampire act in that movie 

MovieShoovy:  What do you like to do in your free time?

Abeer:  Relaxing

MovieShoovy:  What Motivates or inpires you to achive your goals?

Abeer:  Hunger for successful career 

MovieShoovy:   Where do you see yourself in ten years? 

Abeer:   Successful top model

MovieSHoovy:  What u will like to advise the youngsters who r willing to come in this business

Abeer:  Be optimistic and focus on work 

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