Carnival of combinations – Cadbury Marvellous Creations

brand-society-cadbury-marvellousThe most loved chocolate brand of the country & probably the world Cadbury brings to Pakistan the internationally loved creations. The brand Cadbury has been innovating the chocolate eating experience since half a decade, it is the second largest confectionary brand in the world. It has finally brought it’s carnival of combination to Pakistan. Dairy Mllk Marvellous Creations are new in town.
Filled with jelly-popping candies or with cookie crumbs is the dreamiest combination of a chocolate lover. The fun filled chocolate was famed in various cites in a carnival themed activity. In Karachi, on the eve of Valentine’s Day the carnival of Marvellous creations was set up at Dolmen City Mall, having  range of digital games such as Candy Crush, winners were rewarded with neatly packed gift. The purple & pink dressed ring master, tall man & clowns made children as happy as possible. The gift hampers for bloggers was simply a delight box, which couldn’t go wrong.
The Marvellous Creations chocolate bars are so uniquely designed with an uneven shape, filled with crunchy popping candies that gives a fizz to the tongue till it lasts. It has two yummy flavors to pick from jelly & popping candy Or Cookie crunch. Both have a different yet festive taste.
The Jelly Popping candy Chocolate bar has as represented jewels of colorful, fruity, sweet  & sour jellies hidden under a thick coat of Dairy Milk with popping fizzy candies that make the taste more intense but a little irritating in the end if you’re not used to the popping candy taste..
The Cookie Crunch has the Cadbury cookies its and bits in it. The chocolate tastes crunchier and gets more delicious when it induces into the molten chocolate. Sprinkle of popping candies are also felt in the chocolate bar.
The Marvellous Creation stands true to its name that the experience of this chocolate is divine & hard to resist. The design of the bar gives it an edge along with the surprises filled inside.  This is a win-win product for all because freeing the joy inside with something sweet is what makes Cadbury the famous confectioner it is…..

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