The reality show “Bigg Boss” has its sixth season on air. Every season has grabbed attention from the viewers for the antics of each contestant and the fights that have happened in the house.

This year’s tag line has been “Alag che” which means in English that this season is ‘different’. By different the channel meant that this year the contestants will fight less and the show will be suitable for a family crowd. However, they would not compromise on the entertaining factor of the show and keep it interesting.
This view of the channel reflected in their choice of contestants. However, the latest entrant into the house Imam Siddique turned out quite different from the herd of contestants.
Imam is a stylist and image consultant who entered the house last week. He was made to enter another house, which had the set-up of a village, where there were two other inmates Aashka Goradia and Bhojpuri star Nirahua.
The three contestants were wild card entrants who were kept separately in this mud hut. They had been made part of the “naye padosi” gang.
While staying inside the house Imam, suddenly started imposing his views on the two that made them feel uncomfortable and later also lowered them by his words.
He also wore Aashka’s clothes and walked inside the house copying her ‘cry-baby behavior’ which resulted in her taunting him back.
The next day Imam Siddique had a clash of words with Aashka Goradia which resulted in him behaving abnormally. His actions were demeaning towards Nirahua and Aashka throughout and around midnight the situation worsened. The two were later locked inside the room by Imam. He then covered the cameras inside the house and then started breaking the earthen pots.
It was around 3:40 am when the crew of the Bigg Boss house intervened. But he was abusive towards them and even threatened to get naked. This resulted in the channel taking the decision of ousting him from the show.
An insider reveals ““All seemed well, but around midnight, he wore Aashka’s clothes and started harassing her by doing antics like brushing his teeth with her clothes on, and imitating her actions. When Aashka and Nirahua reacted, his anger was aggravated and he locked the two inside the house. He went to the extent of breaking the earthen pots and other things in the house, and threatening to burn everything down”.
A spokesperson from the channel confirmed saying “Imam has been shown the door and thrown out of the Bigg Boss House due to his unruly behavior and his disrespectful attitude towards the women in the Bigg Boss House.” 

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