It was definitely a different experience, and it made this EID special for those who visited the ARABIAN FEAST at Ocean Mall, Clifton Karachi. The FEAST started from 4th August 2013 till 8th August Midnight(CHAND RAAT).
At OCEAN MALL it was a different shopping experience, deviated from the traditional form of shopping it was an event that has so deeply develop the image of a completely different world leaving the memories of Karachibehind. A miniature Arabian Market was created in the Ocean Mall. The location inside the Mall was depicting a complete Arabic look for 5 days. As you enter you find a different world there was a camel to greet in addition the Arab Sheikh offering dates in silver platter to the visitors and there was Arabian countryside backdrop.  
The Arabian Fest had the stalls for bangles, jewellery, gift items, sweetmeats, dates, pottery making, glass painting, henna applications and fortune teller. Mannequins embellish the main arena wearing outfits from the brands in the mall so visitors can get the perfect picture of what is available there.
As finally when the visitors feel tired after hectic shopping, the arrangements were there to have a feast and straight a way you can move to the food area to satiate your taste buds and rejuvenate for another round in the Mall. There was a photo opt in the form of an Arabian lounge where you can have that perfect shot taken.
The event was organized by PRODUCTION 021 and TAKE II came together to give ardent buyers some respite and a different shopping experience.

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