Anmol Baloch Depicts Unforgettable Character In Khwab Nagar Ki Shehzadi

How often do we get to see actors take on roles that have us glued to our screens from the get-go? If there ever was such a character, it’s Seher in ‘Khwab Nagar Ki Shehzadi’. Ace actress and model Anmol Baloch blows our minds with her role which brings the problems of domestic affairs to life. Where issues pertaining to ‘the help’ get swept under the rug, Baloch’s depiction of Seher reveals many hidden problems of our society by showing us the harsh reality of what some people are capable of doing.

Seher is an ambitious, opportunistic young girl who dares to dream big despite her life circumstances. She doesn’t let the role of being a maid define her and doesn’t stop going for her pursuits until she gets what she wants. Being someone from a poor background who eventually has everything taken away from them including a parent can lead to a fearful, self-serving mindset and Seher’s character highlights exactly that. Therefore, when she was presented with an opportunity she tried getting the most out of the situation. This goes for any opportunity presented to her in the series, good or bad. However, this also involved a lot of immoral actions which include planning murders, cheating, having affairs with employers, and stealing. The most important thing to note here is that people like Seher exist in our society and her actions are nothing new.

Being an employee of the household, Seher never quite took her responsibilities seriously. She always tried to make opportunities for herself and make her dreams come true in any way possible. She would perpetually fantasize about being successful (ie wealthy) and we can see this in the very first episode where she was at her previous employer’s house and she wanted to be in their position. She sat in their chairs, ate from their plates but eventually she was scolded for it. This shows viewers that she has had these dreams since before her mother died and she’s doing whatever she can to make those dreams come true. Whether that means hurting people or not. She lives in a bubble and doesn’t care about the consequences of her actions. Also, in the series, we can tell that she and her family are cut from the same cloth because each of them lacks a sense of morality, empathy, and any sense of otherness beyond themselves. Greed is one quality they have in common.

Anmol Baloch’s depiction of Seher is important because it sheds light on issues that hideaway in our culture. Besides her phenomenal acting, she informs the masses to be cautious, lest they trust the wrong person. She also highlights the issues that poverty-stricken families with abusive parents deal with on a daily basis. This series has been a real eye-opener for us and the coming episodes will further elaborate on the tale. We just can’t wait to see how Seher’s story unfolds!

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