Ali Rehman Khan Opens Up About Viral Video

Ali Rehman Khan Opens Up About Viral Video

On Saturday, Pakistan film and drama actor, Ali Rehman Khan become one of the top trends on Twitter in the country. The reason was Ali Rehman Khan’s viral video which showed him yelling at a McDonald’s employee, repeatedly using his celebrity card as an excuse.

Ali was seen repeatedly asking the McDonald’s employee if he knew who he was and if he had seen him on TV. “Ap jantay hain main kaun hoon? Ap ne kabhi mujhay TV per dekha hai?”

After the video went viral on social media, Ali Rehman Khan received a lot of backlash from the masses. People criticized the actor for playing his celebrity card, using his popularity as a means to get something which was probably not being offered.

However, Ali Rehman Khan, himself, soon took to social media, to clear the air about the viral video. Ali shared how the video had been made viral as part of a social experiment that focused on saying no to VIP culture that existed so blatantly in our society.

Stressing on the point that we needed to be active and do more about such issues rather than just voice our concerns on social media, Ali insisted that VIP culture needed to be abolished in our society and we should begin the chain reaction to change as soon as we could, for our generations to come.

Ali also added that there was more to come about the matter soon.

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