Aamir Liaquat 3rd Wife Dania Shah Files For Divorce

Aamir Liaquat Divorce rumors

MNA and TV personality Aamir Liaquat’s 3rd wife Syeda Dania Shah filed for divorce from her husband and demanded Haq Mehar in her suit.

Apart from divorce, Dania Shah has lodged other cases in a family court. In her petition, she has requested the court to order her husband to pay the haq mehr of over Rs115 million, house, and jewelry. 

In an exclusive interview with Dunya News, Shah said, “he (Liaquat) was very cruel. He would lock me in the room for four days straight. He wouldn’t give food to me on time and would keep me up all night long. I’m a child, I’m not even old enough. He would humiliate me. He would bring every single matter to me, be it the maids or even the media, anything he disliked, he would misbehave with me. He used to push me around and even threatened that he would shoot me. He even tried to strangle me.”

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