Zindagi Teray Bina

IMG_1573 copyThe story revolves around the families of two brothers, Waqar Ahmad and Iqrar Ahmad. Waqar’s wife Safia is an ill-mannered and difficult woman and is always squabbling with Iqrar’s wife Samia. After the sudden death of Iqrar, his wife and kids are left devastated. Owing to his wife’s unpleasant nature, Waqar begins to be attracted towards Samia. What shocking turn will this story take?


Starting from 30th Dec 2013

Directed By:       Azfar Ali

Written By:         Wasi Shah

Production:        Pivot Production

Time and Date: Monday – 8:00PM

Cast:                      Noman Ejaz, Sameena Mumtaz, Nadia Afghan, Rida Isfhani, Imran Ashraf

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