Zara Tareen Deserves Much More Respect And Love By Us

Zara Tareen Deserves Much More Respect And Love By Us

A striking model, a fine photographer, and a versatile actress, Zara Tareen is a jack of all trades and one of the most multi-talented artists of our industry yet she remains one of the most underrated and struggling actors to date.

Zara Tareen has been a part of the showbiz industry since the age of 15 yet it seems no one has recognized her talent in full yet. We have just seen her playing supporting roles in a handful of dramas despite being an actress of such a high caliber. It’s surprising and shocking at the same time that Zara hasn’t been offered any lead character on TV despite her fine acting skills.

Starring Noman Ijaz and Zara Tareen, the web series is about a couple who go their separate ways on the 15th anniversary

With Zara facing such partiality and biases in the industry, it was a pleasure to see actress Nousheen Shah commending the multi-talented girl on a popular web talk show Say It All With Iffat Omar.

‘Zara is somebody. She has a personality, she is beautiful. She is educated, she is intelligent and she knows how to act”, Nausheen said while applauding the model cum actress.

However, this is not the first time Zara Tareen has been appreciated for her talent by an actor on a TV show. Earlier, maestro Nouman Ijaz also praised Zara on the same web talk show while recalling his experience of working with her on a web series.

Noman said, ‘Nobody ever thought about her. She is brilliant.’

Noman paired up with Zara in a web series Saat Mulaqatain which is about a couple falling out of love after many years of marriage.

Zara Tareen deeply humbled by the appreciation of her work by her peers and shared her happiness with fans on social media.

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