Yasir Hussain Impresses Fans With Strong Wedding Advice!

Yasir Hussain Impresses Fans With Strong Wedding Advice!

Newlyweds Yasir Hussain and Iqra Aziz’s wedding snaps are all over the internet since the duo tied the knot on Saturday, surrounded by close friends and family. Despite being one of the power couples of the industry, Yasir and Iqra kept their wedding festivities very simple and convenient. Their wedding functions included an intimate mayun, an in-house mehndi, an outdoor Nikkah event and a heartwarming Valima.

While sharing his wedding photographs on social media, Yasir spilled some words of wisdom in a post for fans over keeping weddings convenient and easy on the pocket.

“Bhaiyon aur behno.. shadi itni mushkil cheez nahi hai jitna hum ne mil k usy bana dia hai (brothers and sisters, getting married isn’t as difficult as we have made it to be),” wrote the Challawa actor.

While preaching what he himself practiced during his wedding, Yasir shared with fans how he and Iqra got married without going overboard on dowry and gifts.

He continued, “Mai ne shadi gher mai hi karni thi magar choti jagah ki wajah se gher se bahar shift ki. hum ne aik dosry ki families ko koi ghairzaroori gifts nahi diye.. jahez nahi lia. bari nahi bani. fazool zevraat pe paisy kharch nahi kiye. (I had to arrange the wedding at home but due to small space, shifted to an outside venue. We didn’t give unnecessary gifts to each other’s families, nor exchanged dowry from either side. Didn’t spend unnecessarily on jewelry).”

“Nikah khwan k 8000 aur khana hasb e istetaat (Rs8000 for the cleric and food as per our convenience),” he further wrote detailing how the couple made sure not to indulge in anything extravagant.

“Shadi bus yehi hai. Apny gher walon pe rehem karen aur Shadi ko asaan banaen (this is what wedding is. Please help yourself and make weddings easier),” the actor concluded.

Well, this was a much-needed piece of advice amidst all the pomp and show that we experience at weddings these days. Thanks, Yasir for giving out such a powerful message to fans. It’s definitely time to change our society’s norms regarding marriage!

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