Why Are We Awaiting Superstar’s Release

Why Are We Awaiting Superstar’s Release

Mahira Khan and Bilal Ashraf’s Superstar is the talk of the town. It is going to be a big project for both Khan and Ashraf after a long break. Since the release of its trailer all eyes are set on it and expectations to have gone over the moon and we are no exception. Here is why we are awaiting the Superstar’s release.

Mahira Khan’s Superstar is set to release this August. We are super pumped! Are you?

An avalanche of emotions
Mahira khan starrer Superstar will make you feel love and heartbreak like no other. The film deals with love and how not all love stories are happy tales of joy. It is a movie about struggling with your demons and fighting for passion. We cant wait to go on this roller coaster of emotions with the lead pair.

Amazing dance numbers
The songs of the movie are on point. They make you sway to their rhythm. Be it Jabar Abbas’s Noori which will make your feet tap unknowingly, Ali Sethi’s bekaraan which is our latest love anthem or Atif Aslam’s in dino which we are listening to on repeat. The songs are a class apart and we are digging them.

Mahira Khan’s amazing looks
Khan is a powerhouse of talent. She is an exceptional actress and she performs so flawlessly that it is a joy to watch her in her element. She takes you on an emotional ride right along with herself and it’s an experience we don’t want to miss.

A Story which is relatively new
While most of the movies that we see nowadays are about weddings, we being a Shaadi obsessed nation, Superstar promises something more. A story that is different and unique. It’ll be great to see Noori venture her way through the film industry and climb the ladder of success and not just that, we’ll see what the movie preaches. Can a woman have it all? A career and love life? We’ll have to watch the film to get our answers.

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