Villains We All Love To Hate

Villains We All Love To Hate

A good villain can turn an otherwise ordinary story into a must-watch. The plotting, the attacks, the manipulation, who would watch a show without all this. Here are some Pakistani drama villains I love to hate. They were so good when playing their characters that they often get hate comments and trolling for it. Not that I promote cyber attacks but it definitely says something about their acting prowess.

Ayesha Khan from Man Mayal

aisha khan

The Maya Ali and Hamza Ali Abbas starrer, Man Mayal was an instant hit with the audience and a lot of the credit goes to the amazing acting skills of its cast. Jeena was the ultimate villain. The girl who always plays the victim and gets her way. As much as I hated her for ruining things for the lead couple I loved her artistry. Khan played the role so well that ‘Jeena’ was the subject of millions of memes and hatred.

Imran Ashraf from Inkaar

Imran Ashraf has always picked his roles carefully. He has shown time and again how versatile of an actor he is. His latest portrayal of Rehan Chaudhary in Inkar has me hating his character with such intensity that I did not think I could muster. Khan’s character is like that of a man possessed. The way Rehan doesn’t understand the meaning of consent is terrifying. This role has me in awe and admiration of Imran Ashraf once again.

Ahsan Khan from Udaari

Ahsan Khan with his impeccable acting skills plays this character so masterfully that you can’t help but hate him. He plays the character of a sexual predator and a rapist in the show Udaari. He was appreciated by critics and public alike for his portrayal of Imtiaz Sheikh. Not only that Khan impressed b-town celebs with his powerful characterization of such a twisted mind.

Bilal Abbass from Cheekh

Cheekh is a complex story of a woman and how she is fighting for justice for her friend. Bilal Abbass plays the role of a sexual predator in the drama and he plays it so proficiently that I am impressed, especially because negative roles are relatively new territory for Abbas. I think he has depicted the role with perfection. I am sure if you decide to watch Cheekh you’ll hate Wajih as much as I do.

Naveen Waqar from Humsafar

Oh, how I hated Sara for ruining khirad and Ashar’s life. I am sure we all remember Naveen in humsafar. Her character along with Ashar’s mother destroy the lives of the lead pair by portraying Khirad as a woman who is two-timing. Before her, I did not know villains could look this sexy and I still don’t think I have seen any other actor play the villain with such panache. I hated her with every cell in my body and that is what the writers wanted. Hats off to Naveen for playing the role so well.

Villains can enrage us, engage us and draw us towards the show. That is exactly what all these adept actors have done. Bravo to all of them!

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