USMAN MUKHTAR New Hottie In Town

USMAN MUKHTAR New Hottie In Town

There’s a new hottie in town and I can’t help but gawk over him and not just at his face, don’t get me wrong he is a treat to look at but he is also a gifted actor and a very talented writer. Yes! I am talking about Usman Mukhtar.

I first laid eyes on him in Janaan. He was the underdog and I have a weakness for them. I loved how he portrayed the character of a young, in love professor but I was truly mesmerized by his character on this very popular TV show, Ana. He plays the role of an antagonist but I can’t seem to hate him. He oozes charm and is truly a charismatic character. Complex yet relatable. So that made me dig deeper into this dapper young man and here is all that I found it.

He has a strict family #typical desi family
Did you know that Usman was always passionate about film making and journalism but his family wanted him to become a lawyer. Matlab beta hai tou lawyer hee banay gaa. It took a long time and a lot of persuasion on his part to make his family accept his profession.

He started as a filmmaker and not an actor
I am shocked too, I mean with that face how did he not become an actor first but Mukhtar began his career as a filmmaker and a year later as a theatre actor. He also directed music videos and short films before getting his big break in Janaan. He then went on to act in another Pakistani movie alongside Hareem Farooq, named Parchi. His latest venture is playing the role of Altamash in HumTv’s Ana.

This hottie is taken
In 2013 Mukhtar took to Facebook and announced his engagement. Yes! I can feel that sigh girl. We are in the same boat. But as long as I see him on screen in captivating Avatars, I am good to go!

Usman Mukhtar is not just a pretty face, this talented actor has proven his skills and is on top of every director’s list. We hope to see more amazing content from this ambitious artist.

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