“Use This Time For Self-Correction And Self-Reflection,” Sara Loren

“Use This Time For Self-Correction And Self-Reflection,” Sara Loren

As the novel coronavirus takes center stage in our lives and the government
of Pakistan announces 21 days of complete lockdown, the country Is forced to follow social distancing. Needless to say, this can be really stressful and depressing for many. Citizens have taken to social media sharing stories of anxiety, stress, negativity and the overall uncertainty looming over their

However, on the flip side, this time can also be used to reconnect with
ourselves, family and opt for more productive outlets to spend time.
Commenting on the same, the Indo-Pak actress Sara Loren says, “most
people think this is a difficult time but look at the bright side and take this time for self-correction or self-reflection.”

The diva shares other helpful tips to divert our mind and focus on something productive. Being spiritual herself, she highly recommends reconnecting with God and suggests reading the Quran for those in pursuit of finding solace during these difficult times.

Sara Loren says, “make the most of the time that we have at our hands and clear our souls with positivity” which means rather than letting the solation scare you, why not work in building immunity via clean eating or regularly workout out at home – yoga, HIIT workout, meditation, cross-fit, etc. Download apps or follow YouTube tutorials because self-isolating doesn’t mean sitting down for several weeks.

Encouraging all to make sure that we’re not selfish at this time, the actress
says, “kindness and generosity are the only ways the world can win this war. If anyone of us – be it a person or a country thinks and acts in isolation, we would have already lost this war. Yes, we are at war…with our scariest enemy so far.” So look out for those around you and make sure you’re taking all preventive measures. Stay at home, follow social distancing because we really need to bring that slope down! Just remember we are all in this together.

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