Umair Jaswal Sets The Bar High With Rendition Of Gagar

Umair Jaswal Sets The Bar High With Rendition Of Gagar

Bringing back the energy this week, Umair Jaswal’s song ‘Gagar’ gauged over 4 million views in just two days! The song is a reimagined version of a classic tune by singer/songwriter Alamgir and has been circulating the internet ever since it’s release. Jaswal keeps the positive vibes up with his dynamic dance moves throughout the video with fans cheering and dancing along. The music video garnered the attention of many and obtained the approval of fans across the globe.

As the song begins, we can see Jaswal center stage, stylish as usual, in a multicoloured jacket with shades on. His remarkable vocals are just the tip of the iceberg as his epic dance moves rock the house. Undoubtedly the most fun track from the entire playlist, the rockstar brings his amazing enthusiasm to the stage once again. You can see the crowd going wild while showing off their dance moves as well. The internet is loving this cheerful rendition of an old school classic, as the release initially got upto 1 million views in under 24 hours, only to be followed by over 4 million views on several social media platforms. Out of all of Jaswal’s tracks, this one will surely get stuck in your head and uplift your mood simultaneously.

After the success of his series ‘Raahi’ and this song raising our spirits, Umair Jaswal continues to set the bar high with all his talents and keeps the positivity alive!

Watch Umair Jaswal’s GAGAR

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