SUPERSTAR Review: Is “Superstar” a Super Watch?

SUPERSTAR Review: Is “Superstar” a Super Watch?

The much anticipated Mahira Khan and Bilal Ashraf starrer, Superstar released all over Pakistan yesterday. It was given the highest number of screens but opened to a meager number of the audience probably because Eid ul Adha is a busy festival for most families.

The film was being marketed for a solid two to three months and the actors and filmmakers alike turned no stone unturned when it came to publicizing it. We watched the first-day first show so that we could help you decide which movie is worth spending 500 plus rupees on and here’s our honest review.

Here’s Our Honest Review About SUPERSTAR

The actors were phenomenal. Acting classes have done wonders for Bilal Ashraf and he showed a range of emotions. Mahira Khan gave a stellar performance and was the heart of the movie. Superstar is yet another example of how dynamic Khan is as an actor. The supporting actors also did a great job, from Nadeem Baig to Asma Abbass to Ali Kazmi, every artist was brilliant however I felt like the full potential of the supporting actors was not tapped into

A New Story

Superstar promises a thrilling new story full of passion, heartbreak and impossible career choices and it delivers, to an extent. After the interval, however you feel something missing, maybe humor or a strong enough story but there is something that keeps you from fully involving yourself in the story. You somewhere stop relating to the actors and that’s when it gets a little boring.

Melodious songs

Superstar has some amazing tunes. Every number extends to the storyline and keeps you engrossed. A job well done by Azaan Sami Khan. All in all-superstar is entertaining but a one time watch in which you might need a few snack breaks!

Rating: 3/5 Verdict: A one time watch

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