Stranger Things Season 3- All That You Need To Know

Stranger Things Season 3- All That You Need To Know

Since its release on 15th July 2018, Netflix’s “Stranger Things” has went on to generate an even bigger fan following. For the third season, Netflix reveals that the show has broken viewing records for Netflix, with 40.7 million households having watched the show in its first four days, and 18.2 million already watched the entire series within that timeframe. Mtlb itna Kia raula hai?
So we decided to join our heads and chalk out some reasons why the show has been such a hit worldwide.

Because let’s be honest the show should have been a flop by all measures. The show’s creators – the Duffer brothers had no previous experience of writing a TV show beyond working on a handful of episodes of Fox sci-fi series Wayward Pines. The cast was mostly unknown… Its monster-from-the-other-side-hunting-young-teens plot mimicked unfashionable 80s horror movie tropes, and it starred a bunch of kids but it went on to break all records! Here are some possible reasons why.

A somewhat believable storyline of Stranger Things

Yes, I know the monster part isn’t very believable but the characters and how they work are very real. It actually depicts how a person would react if thrown in the monster from parallel universe limbo.

Captivating characters

Winona Ryder is an exceptional actress but the kids were a pleasant surprise too. Every character plays their role to perfection from a frail grieving mother too worried young friends, everyone fits the show’s dynamics. The characters of the show are like pieces of a genius-ly built puzzle. They complement each other.

It’s a family show

There aren’t many shows that can appeal to all members of the family like Stranger Things 
Could. Many of the viewers say that the success of the show comes from it appealing to all family members. 

The show is short and sweet

Each episode of the show ranges from 45-55 minutes which means a person can watch it without getting distracted. The whole season is 8 episodes, as well, making it a great binge-watch of all times.

So there you have it! This American science fiction-horror web television series created, written, and directed by the Duffer Brothers is on a roll. Viewers are excited to see what’s next for the show. Let’s hope that season 4 is as captivating as its predecessor! 

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