Sherwanis And Boring Tuxes, When Will Our Men Amp Up Their Fashion Game At Red Carpets?

Sherwanis And Boring Tuxes, When Will Our Men Amp Up Their Fashion Game At Red Carpets?

While there is a unanimous agreement about the fashion disaster we witnessed at the 7th Hum Awards 2019 red carpet amongst women, we’d like to add to the fact that none of our men did not make an impression either. There was nothing more to be seen on the red carpet other than sherwanis and boring tuxes, no experimentation, no out of the box styling. Seems like even our men chose to play it safe.

However, a few did stand out with the way they carried off their looks. Check out the best and the worst dressed from the male brigade of celebrities at Hum Awards 2019 Red carpet this year.

Zahid Ahmed

Another completely boring outfit we’d say. Zahid opted for a striped three-piece sans a tie in black with a white shirt. A very safe combination but nothing exciting nonetheless.

Shehzad Sheikh

Talk about a styling disaster! What on earth is going on with Shehzad’s hair? His outfit for the red carpet could be termed safe at best but he absolutely destroyed the entire look with the hairstyle we was made to carry.

Ali Rehman Khan

Points to Ali Rehman Khan for experimenting with the traditional black sherwani most men opted to wear at the Hum Awards red carpet. Ali’s quirky look carried off in his effortless style, made him one of our favorites at the event.

Muneeb Butt

A good looking lad, we wonder why would Muneeb wear that glittery tux and pair it with even more glittery shoes? We expected much better from this one!

Farhan Saeed

He took so many awards home but failed to impress with his dressing. Farhan’s outfit looked as if it was plucked right out of a wedding.

Faizan Khawaja

Do we really need to remind Faizan, he was attending a formal awards night? Faizan’s look was too casual to be called anything!

Adnan Siddiqui

This man has never, ever gone wrong when it comes to dressing up. He keeps it minimal and yet makes an impression. Adnan Siddiqui’s all-black ensemble complete with his aviators was a complete winner for the night.

Yasir Hussain

We wish Iqra Aziz had matched with Yasir Hussain for the event as well. Yasir’s simple SFK Bridal’s number, paired with pink aviators and his amicable persona, checked all the right boxes. We think Yasir’s outfit was a hit.

Asim Azhar

Brownie points to Asim for daring to support a cause with his ensemble at such a huge event. We liked Asim’s kurta shalwar and appreciate his I love Kashmir scarf, complete with the Kashmir flag he tied on his arm to make his point.

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