Sarwat Gillani Making The Pandemic Beautiful

Sarwat Gillani Making The Pandemic Beautiful

Sarwat Gillani is a beautiful Pakistani actress and her presence on screen has been fantastic over the years. The attractive diva, is all grace and elegance. But she is a supermom and she is proving it in this lockdown and pandemic situation.

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Art class; healthy chain!

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After posting her boys’ artwork on her instagram she began her art class. The artwork she creates with her kids and husband will melt your heart. She is seen managing the kids, their fights and all the chaos altogether beautifully.

She is a brilliant mother and her bonding with the boys shows it. She is seen making various fun art like dream catchers, masjid, different art techniques she uses to make everything perfect.

Recently, all the family got together to make the Dino world and it was such a lovely sight.

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Fans are loving it. They ask her, query for her on material and more. She also promotes recycling and using products that are available in the house for everything she makes.

This is quite a cool activity and provides alot of entertainment. Plus very creative for a celeb to utilise her fan base and spread awareness.


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