Sarmad Khoosat “Zindagi Tamasha” Cleared For Release in Pakistan

Sarmad Khoosat “Zindagi Tamasha” Cleared For Release in Pakistan

Sarmad Khoosat is a name that needs no introduction. Acting and direction come naturally to this multitalented individual who knows how to deliver a fine performance. Sarmad Khoosat’s Manto, the film he directed and acted as the titular character in, was not only critically acclaimed in Pakistan but across the border as well. The film also become one of the high grosser in Pakistan, establishing the fact that Khoosat definitely knew his craft well.

Recently, Sarmad Khoosat announced two new films and as it seems, one of them is ready for its release. Titled Zindagi Tamasha, the bilingual film, having characters that converse in Punjabi and Urdu, will star veteran actress Samiya Mumtaz in the lead alongside model and actress Eman Suleman. Khoosat himself will be seen in a cameo in the film and a few new names will be debuting as well.

According to Entertainment Pakistan, Sarmad Khoosat film Zindagi Tamasha has now been given clearance from all three censor boards in Pakistan and is looking for a release in the later part of the year. However, before the film can release in Pakistan, Khoosat is planning on an international film festival premiere for Zindagi Tamasha, a commendable feat indeed.

We’d like to wish Sarmad Khoosat and team Zindagi Tamasha all the best and hope it sets the bar higher once again, just like Khoosat’s Manto when it was released in 2015.


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