Sapphire Cosmetic Foundation Range Underfire

Sapphire Cosmetic Foundation Range Underfire

It’s 2020, and we all know it’s a hard year, but Sapphire Pakistan might just get it harder. As the brand launches it’s foundation range people seem displeased. The Sapphire Cosmetic label has recently updated their foundation range and it’s not a good nor creative one.

The Sapphire Cosmetic foundations consist of colors Vanilla, Honey, Caramel, and Hazelnut. While the face creams are White chocolate, Milk Chocolate, and Dark chocolate. Pakistan is a country of complexion crisis. The people are seen drooling over fair tones while dark tones are harmed and shamed. With such mindsets introducing four ranges of a fair tone foundation why Sapphire.

Racial discrimination is boiling and the brand is not doing a good job. The displays of the models are also fair to less fair. Why can’t brands show dark skin tones in Pakistan?

International brands like Kylie skin by Kylie Jenner can do it but we can’t because we believe “Kaala Rung” is a source of shame and ugliness.

It’s funny to watch how local brands fuel the “Gora Rung” complex in the nation to sell their products.

Beauty blogger, Zenia Khan also has the same perspective and we are totally agreeing with her argument.

When will this racial discrimination end??

Sapphire Cosmetic - Zenia Khan


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