Saba Qamar To Star In Sarmad Khoosat’s Next Film

Saba Qamar To Star In Sarmad Khoosat’s Next Film

We’ve all been speculative once we’ll be seeing Saba Qamar on the massive screen next, considering we shortly saw her in Sarmad Khoosat’s 1st film, Manto, and Wajahat Rauf’s second installment of the Karachi Se Lahore series, titled Lahore Se Agay, major aboard Yasir Hussain.

When making waves on all local screens and internationally beside her critically acclaimed screenland film, Hindi Medium, Qamar is set for her next film with Khoosat and that makes us, thus excited as a result of Khoosat and Qamar will produce a deadly combination in fact.

Saba Qamar is going to be enjoying the lead and Khoosat are going to be leading the film. The film is set to be discharged in 2020 however the shooting can begin in Oct this year.

Whereas Khoosat does not need associate degree associate introduction, with names like Humsafar, Manto, and Akhri Station beneath his belt, last year he captured the eye of the many along with his performance as prisoner X, a death row prisoner spending his last day in confinement.

Titled “No Time to Sleep”, the 24-hour long performance was live-streamed to point commonness with ward inmates on World Day Against the Capital punishment.

We tend to see all the stops by Sarmad Khoosat and Saba Qamar. The film KAMLI and that we comprehend it are going to be of its own kind because the pair has verified it because of the powerhouse of Acting and direction combined. 

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