Chhalawa Review – Kisi Ki Samjh Na Aaye

Chhalawa Review – Kisi Ki Samjh Na Aaye

This Eid ul Fitr, Chhalawa releases, and the title song is exactly what the film is. As the quote in quote

“Chhalawa hay, Kabhi aaye Kabhi Jaye, Ishq Wo Balla Hay Jo Samjh Na Aaye”

The film is shot so finely and with such glitz and glamour. The sets are fantastic, the costumes are sparkling, the hair and makeup is superb nothing less than a Bollywood movie. Colors, proper dance moves, long frames, and wide-angle captures with no sponsor popping out. The direction is done brilliantly and has to be one of the finest ones visually.

We just adore how the sets flare in vibrant colors and a good texture in every frame. But sadly, all the cosmetic surgery fails when the film’s story derails.

Mehwish Hayat is love struck but the hero has no character what so ever. Asfand feels like a very wimpy character who till the end doesn’t really make the audience wow.

Zara Noor Abbas Outshines the Lead Roles

The debuting actress, Zara Noor Abbas outshines Mehwish completely with more dialogue, more screen time and more well everything. It feels as if Mehwish Hayat is made to play in a very safe zone and lacks her usual charm and charisma.

A Fine Dance Number

The dance number (which was very unnecessary but sizzled) is shot on Mehwish Hayat dancing in the outskirts of the village. The Punjabi village which somehow has Thar cultural outskirts.

The dance number is SEXY, and very well crafted. The lyrics fall short to the glam but it works out perfectly with all the bling of night. Points for that!

Chhalawa needs to Sync it together!

The storyline, the dialogues, the punches never sync together. The actors are very well groomed but no dialogue ever impresses you. You somehow just find it hard to put it all in a box. The weak and unreviewed script or story just makes all the effort a waste. The love misses a spark when you find both the characters in different mindsets. It’s a failed attempt to make family drama 👑 work and somehow it’s very confusing.

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