Nora Fatehi Slams It With “Pepeta”

Nora Fatehi Slams It With “Pepeta”

Nora Fatehi is all over the place and is in highlights for her crazy dance. The actress, dancer, model, and singer is a Moroccan talent slaying whatever she does. The very gorgeous Nora is recently killing it with moves and vocals in “Pepeta”.

Ray Vanny adds the classic Jamaican feel but Nora is the real star of Pepeta. Her whole look really gives you the summer feels. The pink hairs are adorable.

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The song is full of upbeats and video has a nice hook dance move for the club. The club song is all for dancing this fall. The beach gives you a crazy feel while you want to be hooked to the lyrics. Nora Fatehi with her vocals and body language is an all-rounder this season.

Fatehi in DIlbar than Saki Saki and now this is making heads turn. The actress is all about making news! The song has crossed over 7 million views on YouTube in 4 days making it a trending video worldwide.

People are enjoying the new dance moves and it is all because of the grooves. The lyrics are pretty simple and keeps the club song moving forward. The lyrics are cute, fun and have a lot of versatile elements to it. The vocals of Nora really bring out the oomf in the song.

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