Pakistani Celebs Join The Fight Against COVID-19

Pakistani Celebs Join The Fight Against COVID-19

The number of coronavirus cases is inclining rapidly in Pakistan with new patients being reported daily.

Most of the citizens aren’t taking the matter seriously and not following any of the government’s and WHO’s the advice of social distancing. This irresponsible and nonchalant outlook of citizens has led to more cases in the past few weeks.

Amidst the outbreak, our celebs have taken to social media to spread awareness on the precautionary measures, sharing their tips for helping to stop the spread of the deadly virus.

Mahira Khan took to Twitter to add a soft yet potent reminder of practicing self-isolation as much as possible. She urged the citizens of Pakistan to stay safe and pray for their country.

Actress Zhalay Sarhadi shared her morning routine on Instagram with a short caption asking people to wash their hands and avoid touching their faces.

Armeena Khan posted a well-written note on Instagram. She has politely asked the citizens to wash their hands and refrain from big social gatherings and public places.

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Moreover, our very own singer and social worker, Shehzad Roy played his part. He recently attended a task force meeting at CM House Sindh, sharing important details and statistics while urging the people of Pakistan to take this matter seriously.

“I just want to make a request everyone, if someone wants to shake your hand, don’t do it, even if they feel insulted. Don’t congregate, for weddings or religious reasons. On my way, I could see that everyone was at Sea View beach like it’s New Year’s or a holiday, people were celebrating. We need to behave like Ashraful makhlookat (noblest of all creations), this is a very dangerous situation. We don’t want to panic but we also need to save each other; we don’t want things to get so bad that we need to go on lockdown.”

“Let’s practice social distancing and try to infect the least number of people; don’t leave the house unnecessarily”, he added.

Actor/Director Shamoon Abbasi also shared his experience at the Dubai airport amidst the Corona Virus outbreak.

“It’s midnight and the airport seems a little deserted,” he said. “Not everyone is wearing a mask, but still there is a sense of urgency.” He further added that not many people were seen traveling.

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