Osama Tahir- The Actor Breaking All Societal Stereotypes

Osama Tahir- The Actor Breaking All Societal Stereotypes

Rarely do we see a male character in our drama serials that focus on breaking stereotypes set by this society. Even rarely there are actors who actually have the heart to play such a character. However, actor Osama Tahir has been making an exception, for some time now.

Let’s take a look at his character in Hania- a man who stood by a victim of domestic abuse and fought with her till the end. He was brave enough to fall in love with Hania and marry her when she needed support.

Currently, Osama Tahir is appearing in ARY Digital’s Ruswai alongside an ensemble cast and from the very first episode, we have to say that his character Hamza has already raised the bar high for men around us. Not only is Hamza a great son and husband, from the first episode only, but he has also proven to be a wonderful brother.

From making breakfast with his father for the whole family to consoling his little sister and then serving his mom all in the first scene of the drama serial, Hamza is an absolute gentleman! But the one thing that has won hearts (at least mine) is the selfless love he has for his sister Sameera (Sana Javed).

Hamza takes a strong stand for his sister Sameera, even though he has been married to the girl he loves, who is also the sister of the boy his sister Sameera likes.

In a very small way this character has moved away from the stereotypical gender roles that we generally see, and the way it has been portrait it seems that this character’s personality matched naturally to Osama Tahir’s. Don’t know about you guys but we can’t wait to see what happens next!

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