Old Pakistani ADS That Will Melt Your Heart

Old Pakistani ADS That Will Melt Your Heart

Pakistan is a country of creativity and culture. Producing some memorable moments through films, advertisements, and dramas. The golden era of old Pakistani Ads is a time to remember.

From brands that now only portray dance and songs we actually had amazing advertising Campaigns. The strategies have catchy taglines and jingles that you just can’t get out of your head.

Here is our pick of the best golden Old Pakistani Ads from the ’80s and ’90s.

1- Pepsi featuring Imran Khan

Who can miss out on the “Have A Pepsi Day” Imran Khan Pepsi ad. Now that was some good cricket and a good advertisement. The jingle is sweet and the feel is refreshing to look and obviously feel.

2- Naz Pan Masala

One of the most popular ads we all saw as kids, is Naz Pan masala. The various remakes has huge actors of the time or advanced jingles but the best is the old ad.

3- Sparkle Toothpaste

Sparkle shines with kids friendly ads and amazingly cute animations.

4- Polka Icecream

Polka Icecream has an ad for each of its icecreams and it is adorable. The Polka Casata ad is a lovely jingle for kids and adults.

5- Dentonic

Watching an animated Mr. Dentonic is the cutest thing ever. With oral hygiene on its top priority.

6- State Life Insurance

“Aye Khuda Meray Abbu Salamat Rahien” makes insurance so much easier to sell. The concept is fantastic and doesn’t make insurance a depressing topic.

7- Naurus

Hum Issay Kaise Bhool Jataye! Naurus has one of the most catchy taglines ever.

8- Tullo

“Amma Tullo Mein Pakao” is a memorable one! we all love teasing mums with this jingle definitely.

9- Bonanza

Shr Shr Bonanza Sweaters!!!! We love it!


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