Nadia Hussain Gets Back Facebook Page After Three Months!

Nadia Hussain Gets Back Facebook Page After Three Months!

She’s bold, she’s courageous and she has never been afraid to say what’s on her mind. We’re talking about the supermodel, super mom and one of the finest beauticians in Pakistan, Nadia Hussain.

Nadia Hussain happens to run a salon in the heart of Karachi and from the years we have seen her serve, the service is par excellence. However, even the best amongst us are prone to attacks from the outside world, and something similar recently happened with the Nadia Hussain’s official Facebook page.

The NH Official page on Facebook, boasting about 250,000 plus followers was hacked and made crass. Vulgar postings and abusive updates became a common sight on the page and the issue went on straight for three months. It also resulted in Hussain losing a considerable number of followers but thankfully, she didn’t lose any hope.

After a few consistent efforts, Nadia Hussain has finally managed to get her Facebook page back. The announcement was made in a public post yesterday.

Although the purpose of the hacking was not known, Nadia did make sure to share the profiles of the hackers with her fans and the public, to ensure nothing similar happened to anyone else.

In Nadia’s case, she followed a spam link that led to her account being hacked. In this digital age and medium, where we have everything at the click of a button, it’s essential that we take care of our cybersecurity as well. Repeating here again, what we have been listening to ever since day one, do not click or open anything suspicious that might lure the eye. Be careful, be safe!

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