Most Engaging On-Air Pakistani Drama

Most Engaging On-Air Pakistani Drama

An engaging show has the power to enlighten the audience and make them think about important social issues. Pakistani television has successfully brought many such stories to its viewers from Baaghi to Sammi to udaari, it has touched us a gazillion times. So here are our picks for the most engaging shows that are currently on air. Grab your popcorn and remote and let’s roll.

Surkh Chandani

Surkh Chandani pakistani drama

Surk Chandani is a new venture of Ary Digital. The star cast includes Osman Khalid Butt and Sohai Ali Abroo. The show revolves around the sensitive issue of acid attacks and how the survivor has to go through immense social, emotional and physical turmoil. The reality of acid attack and the survival of its victims is a horrible truth that the drama brings us face to face with. This is a must-watch if you are “watch-something-meaningful-type!”


Anaa - Pakistani drama

ANAA has gained quite a strong fan base with its heart-stopping cliff-hangers and amazing storyline. The Hania Amir starrer follows the story of a young spirited girl who lives with her father and grandfather. Throw in a love interest and a sort of cousin who is also interested in the main lead’s crush and you get a classic love triangle. But not the same ghissi pitti story. Anaa with its beautiful scenic views and engaging storyline will keep you hooked.

Ishq Zah E Naseeb

Ishq zah e naseeb

This hum TV show is a relatively newer concept. It ventures into the taboo territory of mental illness and split personality. The portrayal of Sameer by Zahid Ahmad is a masterpiece in itself. The way he plays with different dimensions of his character Is commendable. The story is about a man who has split personality disorder due to his traumatic past. It’s a story about how he ventures through life and struggles to keep up with the facade. The show gives you goosebumps, like literal people!


Inkaar is another hum TV production. This show tries to find a foot in the territory of sexual harassment, rejection, and consent. Most dramas give the wrong idea to the young generation that a woman’s “NO” means keep harassing her until she says yes and it is thought to be cute and romantic. These are the issues Inkaar serves you on a silver platter with the strong screen presence of 3 main leads, Yumna Zaidi, Sami Khan, and Bilal Ashraf and hauntingly somber OST. Inkaar is a must-watch. We’ll have to keep watching to see what the makers have in store for us. Akhir where do you draw the line between being friendly and harassment? For now, it’s an interesting watch.

All these shows are from different genres but one thing that connects them is a strong storyline, brilliant acting, and engaging social issues! Let’s hope they keep us rooted to our seats or beds or sofas. Wherever you are comfortable peeps!

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