Everything You Need To Know About Momina Duraid And Firdous Jamal Feud

Everything You Need To Know About Momina Duraid And Firdous Jamal Feud

Momina Duraid and veteran actor Firdous Jamal feud started when the latter passed an ageist comment against Mahira Khan in a show saying that she should now take up roles of a mother since she is too old to be the lead actress.

This irked the industry and almost everyone showed support for Mahira Khan including Bilal Ashraf, Mavra Hocane, Hamza Ali Abbassi and many others. After a few days, Momina Duraid issued a formal statement saying that from then onwards MD Productions will not work with Firdous Jamal because of the offensive comment that he had passed and that he was a disgrace to the industry. Since then the industry has been divided into two camps mostly calling out Momina Duraid for her disrespectful Statement against a legend acknowledging what Jamal Sahab did was wrong but such drastic step shouldn’t have been taken only because he put out his opinion however distasteful it was.

Since then actors like Feroz Khan, Shan and Mansha Pasha have condemned Momina Duraid saying that people are entitled to their opinions and shouldn’t be banned for that.

Looking at the whole scenario microscopically I think when you are a public figure you have a certain amount of responsibility to say and act accordingly. Promoting ageist comments shouldn’t be on anyone’s agenda and senior actors should gracefully pave the way for the younger generation. That being said, I also believe that how MD productions reacted was a misstep. Banning someone who has worked hard all his life in the same field does not give a good message.

During the controversy, the way Mahira Khan handled herself was extremely graceful and the statement she put out there speaks volumes about her character as a person and as a woman. I wish everyone had sorted out this situation a little better!

What is your take on this situation? Let me know down below.

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