Merey Paas Tum Ho Episode 4 In Review: Is Danish Being Forced?

Merey Paas Tum Ho Episode 4 In Review: Is Danish Being Forced?

The 4th episode of Merey Paas Tum Ho aired this week and it has left us wondering once again about a number of things. First, if Mehwish honestly cares what Danish thinks and feels, why does she not put a stop to anybody who makes a pass at her? Mehwish is vain but she isn’t stupid enough to let things go by without realizing and when she doesn’t give a shut-up call to Shahwar right away, doesn’t it mean she’s encouraging him?

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The only thing on Mehwish’s mind throughout the episode was whether Danish will take her to dinner to Shahwar’s place or not. She’s excited enough to think about what she’s going to wear and how she’ll present herself. The only thing that distracted her mind was Danish bringing home 10 lacs worth of bribe.

Although Danish told Mehwish straightaway that he wanted to test himself by keeping and then returning the money to the contractor, the shine in Mehwish’s eyes made him shake. Danish is an innocent man but he’s being forced to do things which he doesn’t find right to please his wife. And this doesn’t really bode well for the man in the coming episodes. He’s definitely the weaker side in this relationship and Mehwish knows well how to manipulate Danish to her advantage. The poor guy will end up losing Mehwish and still blame himself for the same it seems.

Coming to Shahwar, the man’s intentions are not clear at all. At one hand he befriends Danish and on the other hand, he’s eyeing his wife. Or perhaps he extended his hand in friendship to Danish, just to be close to Mehwish. He keeps on trying to openly flirt with Mehwish when Danish isn’t around and she too talks to him on call even when she knows his intentions aren’t honest. Why is Mehwish encouraging Shahwar when Danish has already told her that a woman should know when to say no.

For now, we’re rather impressed with the storyline and performances of the drama. Nadeem Baig gives us crisp direction without wasting any angle or dragging a point. Ayeza Khan delivers a spot-on performance, Humayun Saeed is endearing as Danish, yes his simplicity does make you cringe at times but that’s how his character has been written. Adnan Siddiqui as Shahwar is just perfect, his demeanor, his attitude and the way he carries Shahwar, you just cannot hate him even when you know he’ll wreak havoc for Danish soon.

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