Meray Paas Tum Ho Episode 3 Review: The innocent Danish!

Meray Paas Tum Ho Episode 3 Review: The innocent Danish!

Its been 3 episodes to the amazing drama Meray Paas Tum Ho on ARY Digital and we’ve been hooked since day one. The story that revolves around Danish and Mehwish and their life’s ups and downs is rather engaging because it highlights the contrast of two people’s personalities so very clearly. While Danish wants to give Mehwish the best of everything, forgetting his scruples and being reckless with the bribe, Mehwish fishes for compliments from men.

No, this doesn’t mean she is shallow enough to give herself away to men who compliment her, but yes, she’s vain enough to start thinking low of her husband just because he cannot match up to the men who keep telling her she’s beautiful.

This week too showed how Shahwar has a sort of pull towards Mehwish that both Mehwish and Danish have noticed. Although nobody said a word, Danish’s instinct kicked and he couldn’t resist showing Shahwar that he too, was capable of doing a lot of things. Even if it involved him making a fool of himself on the dance floor. Shahwar does nothing but Danish gets goaded because he thinks of him as a threat to his wife. Mehwish is attracted to Shahwar and perhaps Danish has noticed the fact and that’s why he is being extra possessive of his wife. And Mehwish, rather than understanding the confusion her husband is going through, is fueling his insecurities by appearing nonchalant.

The drama shows Danish and Mehwish having been married for a long time now. Their son is grown up to a school-going age that he has already crossed and yet the two behave like total strangers at times. The understanding between the couple is zero. Danish is a wife-pleaser and wants to do just about anything that would make Mehwish happy, but she has no concerns for her husband. She demands and Danish, like a slave, strives hard to fulfill it. If the two had been in love, the circumstances and perhaps Danish’s inability to give Mehwish a luxurious life and made Mehwish’s love for her husband fade away. She’s more attracted to a materialistic life now and she makes sure she keeps telling Danish that. And yet, Danish doesn’t feel the toxicity of the marriage and how their bond is fading away.

Ayeza Khan has delivered superbly as Mehwish because she keeps the viewers on the edge of their seats, keeping them guessing about her next move. Humayun Saeed is simple and naïve, a character he hasn’t played before. The de-glammed character makes us feel for Danish a lot, thanks to Humayun Saeed and his antics as the bewakoof Danish. Adnan Siddiqui is his usual cool, calm and very collected self, delivering spot-on.

Nadeem Baig’s direction is crisp and to the point. The attention to detail is superb and yet there is no drag in the episode or the storyline. All in all, Mere Pass Tum Ho is a good drama that knows how to keep its audience hooked, a winner out and out.

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